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GoCardless and City of Ely CC

For players and their parents and guardians, City of Ely CC runs on a cashless basis. From April 2017, you do not need to bring money to pay for training or match fees. Instead, you pay fees from your bank account, using a service called GoCardless.

Why cashless?

Cashless payments are easier for our members. You don't have to remember to bring notes and coins with you. IOUs don't mount up if you forget. And you don't have to wait around for change. Cashless payments are easier for the club, too. During the season, we used to handle hundreds of pounds in cash every week, as it went from players to captains/managers and on to the Treasurer before it reached the club's account. Cashless payments give us a clearer view of our finances, and that helps us to plan how to invest in the club.

What's GoCardless?

GoCardless Setup

The GoCardless service that we use handles payments for around 20,000 organisations including businesses, charities, schools, nurseries, councils, and sports clubs. Its clients include the Government, the Financial Times, Thomas Cook, TripAdvisor... and us.

How do you sign up?

If you're already a member of the club, just click the image on the right. It's a link to a secure web page where you can set up a Direct Debit Instruction. You need to provide your name, your address, and your bank account details. The club can then ask for payment after every match or training session you take part in.

If you've just joined City of Ely CC, please wait: you'll receive an email from us about GoCardless that contains the link for you to use.

No one from the club has access to your bank account details. Our Treasurer (Ross Bailey) and the two other authorised GoCardless operators (Tom Beaumont and Richard Lee) can see your name and address, and the last two digits of your account number – but that's all. You are protected at all times by the Direct Debit Guarantee.

How does the system work?

Captains or managers make a list of everyone who plays in a match or comes to training. They pass the list to Ross, who tells GoCardless to take payments from the bank accounts of everyone on the list via Direct Debit. It's not a monthly subscription. We take the same amount from your bank account that you would once have handed over in cash: no more, no less.

Seven days before a payment actually leaves your account, you'll get an email with the details of what you're paying for and the amount. (For example: "City of Ely Cricket Club, 1st XI vs Cottenham, 06/05/17, £10")

If you haven't played in a match or been to a training session, you shouldn't have a payment taken. If you ever think we've asked for a payment by mistake, talk to your captain/manager or Ross as soon as you receive the email notification.

Can you pay with cash?

The GoCardless system completely replaces cash payments. To play for City of Ely CC, you must sign up to the GoCardless service. We hope that the benefits of doing so help you as much as they help us.